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JP-2015031365-A: Shovel patent, JP-2015078958-A: 撮像装置および検査装置 patent, JP-2015094199-A: 法面補強構造及び法面補強工法 patent, JP-2015200666-A: スクリーニング patent, JP-2016089173-A: Polyamide compositions patent, JP-H05202071-A: (メタ)アクリルオキシ基含有有機ケイ素化合物、その製法、光照射により架橋可能な組成物及び被覆の製法 patent, KR-20140117346-A: 막 가습기 patent, KR-20160138910-A: 기억 장치, 또는 상기 기억 장치를 갖는 전자 기기 patent, JP-S581876-U: patent, JP-WO2008129662-A1: 温風発生装置およびこれを用いた手乾燥装置 patent, JP-WO2011118604-A1: 含水貼付剤 patent, US-2002019848-A1: Image communication apparatus, image communication method, and memory medium patent, US-2002059138-A1: Message exchange server allowing enhanced message charge allocation, and method patent, US-2002128873-A1: Method of and system for reading medical image patent, US-2002156830-A1: Information processing apparatus and information processing method patent, US-2002172290-A1: Method and system for transmitting signals between a high speed serial bus and a coaxial cable patent, US-2002179504-A1: Portable hemodialyzer patent, US-2002195117-A1: Easy-fit wiping device patent, US-2003048285-A1: Identification method for generated position of dynamic false contour, processing method for image signal, and processing apparatus for image signal patent, JP-4514722-B2: フィルム貼り付け方法、フィルム貼り付け装置および半導体装置の製造方法 patent, JP-4530999-B2: ハイブリッド車両の制御装置 patent, JP-4560780-B2: データ処理装置 patent, JP-4566485-B2: 電磁弁 patent, JP-H0440585-Y2: patent, JP-2008010225-A: Battery cover mounting structure patent, JP-2008069778-A: タービン出力を増加するためのシステム及びその増加方法 patent, JP-2008193539-A: Acoustic matching member, and ultrasonic transducer and ultrasonic current meter flowmeter using the same patent, JP-2009038392-A: 半導体装置 patent, JP-2009526703-A: 懸架装置 patent, JP-2010034479-A: ウェーハの研磨方法 patent, JP-2010141528-A: 画像処理装置及び画像処理プログラム patent, JP-2011160175-A: スピーカー装置 patent, JP-2011527665-A: 代謝障害の処置のためのカルボキサミド化合物 patent, JP-2012211851-A: Blood-sugar value measurement device, voice notification method, and program patent, JP-2013149815-A: 太陽電池及びその製造方法 patent, JP-2013212685-A: 航空機胴体を製造するためのデバイスの扇状体を制約するシステム patent, JP-2013544765-A: ポリヒドロキシホスホネートを実質的に含まないモノヒドロキシ環状ホスホネート、その製造方法およびそれより得られる難燃性軟質ポリウレタンフォーム patent, JP-2014055925-A: Image processor, object detection method, and object detection program patent, JP-2014215033-A: 熱処理方法及び熱処理装置 patent, JP-2015525361-A: 電流測定式ガスセンサー patent, JP-2015526494-A: フラン誘導体の製造方法 patent, JP-2016053170-A: Superhydrophilic amphiphilic copolymer and method for making the same patent, JP-2016091270-A: 車両用ペダル patent, JP-2016519998-A: シリコーン分離膜を利用した二酸化炭素分離装置及びその製造方法 patent, KR-20120003389-A: 액정 배향제, 액정 표시 소자 및 그의 형성 방법 patent, JP-WO2015137453-A1: 発光負荷駆動装置及びこれを用いた照明用光源装置 patent, US-2001034239-A1: Method and system for radio communications using mobile terminal moving route prediction patent, US-2001037381-A1: Process for making digital images available to a user on a server patent, US-2002032579-A1: Intermediary driven electronic marketplace for cross-market trading patent, US-2002115454-A1: Wireless sports view display and business method of use patent, US-2002174801-A1: Ink for inkjet printer patent, US-2002182899-A1: Fragmented backplane system for I/O applications patent, US-2003006425-A1: Manufacturing process and termination structure for fast recovery diode patent, US-2003007437-A1: Record carrier for storing a digital work patent, US-2003023260-A1: Method and apparatus for dissecting tissue layers patent, US-2003038971-A1: Printing device with reader for removable media storage container patent, US-2003045214-A1: Decorative applique remover patent, US-2003096235-A1: Complexity management of genomic DNA patent, JP-6025940-B1: タービン動翼、及び、ガスタービン patent, NL-1016393-C2: Molen met gestroomlijnde ruimte. patent, JP-2007282731-A: 遊技機 patent, JP-2008011991-A: Endoscope patent, JP-2009532027-A: 抗igf−1r抗体およびその使用 patent, JP-2010117322-A: 表面疵検査装置、表面疵検査方法及びプログラム patent, JP-2010163865-A: Fitting for bathroom entrance patent, JP-2011006658-A: Adhesive composition, adhesive sheet for connection of circuit member, and process for manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-2011518597-A: 新鮮で温かい飲料の自動ポッドコンベア及び浸出アセンブリ patent, JP-2011519033-A: 検体処理のための方法および装置 patent, JP-2012119461-A: 金属張積層板の製造方法 patent, JP-2012198653-A: 似顔絵作成システム patent, JP-2013164792-A: Information processing device, information processing method, and program patent, JP-2013167948-A: 火災報知設備 patent, JP-2015029583-A: ぱちんこ遊技機 patent, JP-2015120454-A: シートベルト装置 patent, JP-WO2005092257-A1: 冷却シートおよび冷却容器 patent, US-2002019699-A1: Address presentation system patent, US-2002046289-A1: Protocol stack for linking storage area networks over an existing LAN, MAN,or WAN Protocol stack for linking storage area networks over on existing , man, or wan patent, US-2002143967-A1: Bit-granular writes of control registers patent, US-2002156895-A1: System and method for sharing contact information patent, US-2002177405-A1: Apparatus and method for aligning millimeter wave communication link patent, US-2003063834-A1: Optical phase shifting, splitting and combining device patent, US-2003074663-A1: Apparatus and method for operating an electronic program guide patent, US-2003089274-A1: Ink composition and ink jet recording method patent, JP-4674789-B2: 膜電極素子の製造方法、膜電極素子及び燃料電池 patent, JP-4906734-B2: ビデオ処理 patent, JP-5555170-B2: 光硬化性組成物および硬化物 patent, JP-S6332182-B2: patent, JP-2007235041-A: 露光装置及びデバイス製造方法 patent, JP-2007322106-A: Device for counting number of fired bullets for gun patent, JP-2008066702-A: 固体撮像素子及びカメラ patent, JP-2009517031-A: 高効能甘味料を用いた糖菓 patent, JP-2011037733-A: Functional substance made of micronized allophane and composition thereof patent, JP-2011041677-A: 泡立て具 patent, JP-2011184346-A: Hyaluronic acid production promoter and cosmetic patent, JP-2012022934-A: 誘導加熱装置、そのための二重管 patent, JP-2012090453-A: Power conversion device patent, JP-2013074890-A: High-potency sweetener for hydration and sweetened hydration composition patent, JP-2015196265-A: 三次元積層装置及び三次元積層方法 patent, JP-2016195992-A: 遷移金属/ゼオライトscr触媒 patent, JP-S6151388-A: Thermal transfer sheet patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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